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View the Housing Office PowerPoint presentation online:

Finding accommodation before you arrive in Perth for your studies isn't always easy. We have provided information that will help in your search for accommodation before arriving.

Those who are new to Perth should investigate their accommodation options before leaving home and before the start of semester.

Accommodation can be difficult to arrange before you arrive in Perth unless you have applied for on-campus accommodation or will arrange Homestay accommodation or stay with family or friends.

We recommend that you organise temporary accommodation for at least the first week after you arrive in Perth or until you find suitable, more permanent accommodation.

New international students can book temporary accommodation and airport pick-up through the International Office. Before starting your search for accommodation you'll need to think about:

  1. Budget
  2. Accommodation type
  3. Location
  4. Length of stay


The cost of living while studying can vary depending on what type of accommodation you choose and its location. Depending on whether you choose on or off-campus accommodation you should budget between $370 and $460 per week for rent and general living costs throughout the year.

Accommodation type

There are several options available to students who are seeking accommodation whilst studying at UWA:


Rental prices can be relatively high in the areas immediately surrounding the UWA Crawley campus and availability of vacant affordable properties close to the University is limited.

The Residential Colleges are located across the road from the UWA Crawley campus and are therefore ideally situated. If you are interested in Residential College accommodation you should submit an application for a place at least four to five months before the start of your studies at UWA.

We recommend that students look at the suburbs around UWA and consider alternatives to living directly next to the University.

Perth has excellent public transport links to and from UWA.

Length of stay

Depending on the type of accommodation you choose you may be committed to a specific period of time.

Once you are confident that you have considered all of the above you should start your search for accommodation.