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UWA offers a Housing Database for use of students and staff seeking off-campus accommodation. The database is compiled with property advertisements from people in surrounding areas.

Listing your property

Before listing your room or property on the Housing Database, we encourage you to read important advice for accommodation providers.

To list your vacant rental property or room to let, you:

  1. Create an account or log in to the Housing Database.
    Make a secure note of your username and password – once your account has been established you will not be able to create a new account using the same email address.
  2. Decide on the content of your advert and your target audience. You can choose to list to UWA staff and students, or to staff or students only.
  3. Create a property listing. Please note that a 'Private' listing is for advertising the whole property for private use. A 'Shared' listing is to advertise a room in a property that will be shared with other people who live there.

When you submit a property or room for listing, the listing will be reviewed by the Housing Officer prior to publishing. Once the listing has been published you can log back into your account and review and edit your listing, and delist or mark your property as 'no longer available' when it has been taken. If you make any changes the Housing Office may need to review the changes before it is re-published.

Duration of listing

Your listing will remain current for two months unless you remove it at an earlier date or mark it as 'no longer available'. You can relist your property. To enable us to keep our listings up-to-date, and to avoid you getting unnecessary telephone calls, mark your listing as 'no longer available' as soon as your accommodation has been taken.

Arranging a viewing

We do not screen or match students to any preferred listing or accommodation provider. Anyone interested in your accommodation will contact you directly by the contact method you have stated on your listing to arrange a viewing. Negotiations are entirely between you and the student or staff member.

If you want to proceed with the potential occupancy, you should arrange a suitable time for you and the student or staff member to view the property. This way you can gauge the suitability of the potential occupant.

If you are having trouble listing your property

If you have trouble listing a room or vacant property on our database, you can contact the Housing Office on 6488 5573  and we will place your listing for you.


You will need to tell us when the vacancy has been taken so that we can remove the listing from the database.

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